Research, Measurements and Analytics


Financial health, resilience and well-being impact metrics, analytics and tracking for your organization


Financial Resilience Institute is able to provide bespoke questions and analytics against the Financial Well-Being study, at any time, for clients and partners, with multiple applications.
This enables analytics against the Index and benchmark data, enabling clients to understand, measure and correlate the impact of certain offerings or interventions on the financial resilience of their clients or populations, and/or provide additional indicators and bespoke analytics based on their ESG and/or business goals and offerings.
It also enables financial wellness service delivery performance tracking and provides other metric and insights benefits.


Click here for more information on the longitudinal Financial Well-Being studies and how this instrument works in tandem with the Index.


By working with us your organization can achieve your business, impact and customer goals. For example you can:

  • Access the Seymour Financial Resilience Index™ for insights, measurements and longitudinal tracking of your customers’ financial resilience and financial wellness over time.
  • Gain insights on your customers, which ones are most financially vulnerable and why — along with changing sentiments, stressors and reported consumer and financial behaviours;
  • Enhance your organization’s value proposition and brand differentiation;
  • Understand your organization’s effectiveness at supporting your customers’ financial wellness compared to non customer and competitor organizations based on our independent tracking data;
  • Create enterprise financial health and wellness strategies and action plans;
  • Develop proprietary financial health index models for your organization;
  • Measure your employees’ financial resilience and impacts of financial stress on their mental and physical health, productivity and more.
  • Accelerate small business financial health measurement and strategy; or
  • Advance targeted new product and service innovation to move you forward.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.