About Us

Dedicated To Building a More Financially Resilient World


As a non-profit, our purpose is to improve the financial resilience and well-being of all Canadians and global citizens. We do this by helping purpose-driven organizations understand, measure, and then improve the financial resilience of their customers and communities.

At the non-profit Financial Resilience Institute, we believe in the power of evidence to build resilience, improve lives and strengthen communities. Financial services innovation, public policy and programs work best when rooted in data and facts. Our research, impact measurement, and cross-sector collaboration spark solutions in programs and practice. We’re working to help expand opportunities for people and improve financial resilience for all.

Our Story

We began in 2009 as Seymour Consulting. As of September 2022, we are a non-profit. Our goal remains the same: Ensuring every Canadian has the financial resources and help to get through financial hardship, stressors and shocks as a result of unplanned life events.

Our Beliefs

• Financial health and resilience are important for all
• Financial health and resilience are good for people, society, business and our world
• Data is a team support, and that cross-section collaboration is the way forward
• Finance can be a force for good

Our Purpose & Impact

Our purpose is to partner with organizations and leaders dedicated to improving financial resilience, health and well-being for all – and in particular people who are financially vulnerable or underserved.


Financial Resilience Institute is led by Founder and CEO Eloise Duncan and guided by an elected Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

In Building a More Resilient, Equitable and Inclusive World?

We work with purpose-driven organizations across Canada and globally to help them do just that. Tell us more about what you are looking to achieve by filling out the fields below. We will respond within 48 hours.