Improve the financial resilience, health, and well-being of your customers and stakeholders

Understand where your organization is on its financial resilience journey. Together, we’ll develop bespoke strategies and action plans to move you forward.

You have a vision of better financial health for all. We help you realize it.

Co-operators, Vancity, and Conexus Credit Union are just three of the organizations that have trusted us to build a strategy to help them reach their financial health and resilience goals. We also support purpose-driven organizations and policymakers. You can read about our work with each of them and other clients – but this conversation is about you.

Realize the following possibilities by working together:

  • Utilize our bespoke data, research, and financial sector knowledge to shape a market-leading customer financial resilience strategy and elevate your customer experience
  • Measure and benchmark the financial resilience of your customers and the extent to which you’re supporting them using our Financial Resilience Index® and other solutions
  • Utilize the Institute to foster collaborative innovation and provide evidence-based research and impact measurement for your organization and partners
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition through financial health and resilience strategies and innovation
  • Access proprietary financial health index models and other solutions to meet your business and ESG needs
  • Educate and inspire top executives and board directors on financial health and resilience innovation
  • Support evidence-based policy development and impact measurement at the federal, provincial, or local level
  • Measure, evaluate, and communicate outcomes linked to affordability, health, and well-being
  • Target key customers and stakeholders while achieving your business goals

What to expect

We’re a high-energy, positive team of values-driven professionals. As experts in all things financial health, partnering with us means you’ll get a tailored approach to projects, strategies, and offerings.

  • Benefit from customized, actionable solutions aligned with your business needs and strategic goals wherever you’re at in your innovation journey
  • Access high-value data analytics and solutions customized to your budget and needs
  • Co-create solutions with us while engaging your leaders and clients along the way

Our Process

Proven research, impact measurement, strategy and innovation methodologies engage your stakeholders and drive results. Our seven-step process ensures clear direction and support from our team at every stage.

Awaiting you at the end? Strategies and solutions ready for implementation, measurement, and optimization for the benefit of your stakeholders and organization.

We also provide support for pilots, including continuous measurement and improvement pre- and post-interventions. We’re delighted to be the impact measurement partner for your projects working with other organizations as needed.

Working with us is good for you – and your stakeholders

Please consider this brief list of sample projects and outcomes as you decide whether Financial Resilience Institute can help you and your organization:

  • Customized financial resilience impact measurement, data analytics, and strategy for organizations like Co-operators and
  • Enterprise-wide financial wellness strategy and a proprietary Financial Wellness Index for Conexus Credit Union
  • Custom analytics and reports for partners like FP Canada, IQPF, and Prosper Canada on specific populations to support evidence-based advocacy and innovation

Ready to realize your vision? Contact us and let’s explore how we can help you achieve your goals.