Funders and Supporters

The Financial Resilience Institute is seeking funders and supporters as we grow the Institute and work to help improve financial resilience and well-being for all.


We’re looking to work with purpose-driven organizations, philanthropic organizations, leaders and funders committed to improving financial services, help and support for all Canadians.

Foundations, organizations, and individuals committed to social change play a critical role in the mission to improve financial resilience, health and well-being. From financial support to strategic guidance, deep funder relationships make possible a wide variety of in-depth Index and consumer research, analytics, programs and knowledge-mobilization as we grow our impact and capacity. These provide insights and impact measurement, help inform strategy and policy and the testing of innovative ideas. Our work can help inform high-quality product and service design and scale solutions that create success.

Because of strong support from organizations committed to social change, we can conduct research and participate in impact work to improve peoples’ lives.

Founding Funder