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Financial Resilience Institute has published ecosystem reports on the financial resilience, health and well-being of Canadians since 2017. These reports build on the Institute’s Financial Resilience Index model and National Financial Well-Being Studies.

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Your investment expands our capacity to improve the financial resilience of all Canadians and global citizens—including individuals, families, small businesses, and communities who are financially vulnerable or underserved.

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  • Commission independent reports, targeted research, and impact projects related to financial health and resilience
  • Lever our proprietary Financial Resilience Index, research, data, and thought leadership
  • Gain recognition, branding, and sponsorship benefits
  • Become a vital part of the growing financial health movement across Canada
  • Access volunteering and engagement opportunities for your leaders
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Empower your clients, employees and stakeholders to improve their financial health, resilience and well-being

Your support helps provide free Financial Resilience Index reports and resources, enabling organizations nationwide to measure impact and tangibly improve financial well-being for all. It also helps us to continue to measure and report on social and financial problems impacting Canadians, including:

  • Financial hardship
  • Food insecurity
  • Housing affordability
  • Financial inclusion gaps
  • Financial stress and health impacts
  • Climate change impacts on financial vulnerability

Your investment at work

The Financial Resilience Institute has published ecosystem reports on the financial resilience, health and well-being of Canadians since 2017. These reports build on our Financial Resilience Index and National Financial Well-Being Studies.

Financial resilience and financial well-being of Canadians during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Joint report with Statistics Canada)

Financial Planning: A Pathway to Improved Financial Resilience Whitepaper

The Financial Vulnerability and Challenges of Key Populations

Climate Change and Household Financial Vulnerability Intelligence Memo

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