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Research Measurements and Analytics

Measure financial resilience. Drive results.

Our expert team can help support the intelligence and impact measurement needs of your organization.

Quantify and improve your impact on financial wellness with independent data, benchmarking, and tracking

Many organizations come to us seeking insights, strategies and support on:
  • Benchmarking and tracking customer and stakeholder financial resilience over time
  • Evaluating financial wellness program effectiveness
  • Quantifying impact on customers and communities
  • Identifying opportunities to better serve vulnerable or high-priority groups
  • Assessing and improving employee financial wellness
  • Pinpointing and monitoring indicators based on ESG and/or business goals

We work with financial institutions, employers, financial health innovators, social enterprises, policymakers and other partners to drive positive change.

With over a decade of pioneering independent research, the Seymour Financial Resilience Index® and other solutions we create for our clients and partners provide unparalleled data-driven perspectives that help your organization achieve its goals.

Learn more about our longitudinal Financial Well-Being Studies and how this instrument works in tandem with the Index.

Unlock the power of independent data-driven insights

Index Analytics

Access 50+ financial health indicators to identify priorities and track progress.

Custom Measurement

We tailor the analysis to your strategic goals and KPIs.

Impact Studies

Quantify, assess and increase the impact of your programs on financial resilience.

Customized research analytics and solutions for your organization

Access the following benefits by partnering with us:

  • Gain evidence-based research and solutions to target your investments and impact
  • Develop proprietary Index models, strategies or solutions for your organization in line with your business goals
  • Engage and inspire your leaders, clients and partners in your innovation journey, leveraging our proven methodologies
  • Lever our independent, peer-reviewed Index and customized analytics
  • Accelerate your financial health and innovation
  • Receive actionable recommendations to drive impact
  • Achieve brand differentiation as a leader in financial health and well-being
  • Access ongoing support to execute your purpose-led innovation

Not sure what kind of support your organization needs? Start a conversation. We’d love to discuss your vision.

Ready to take your innovation and impact to the next level?

Contact us today to discuss how our research and analytics can help you fulfill your mission of better financial health for all.

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