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Leading Canadians toward Financial Health and Well-Being

For so many Canadians, money is the cause of challenges and stress. But there is a better way.

We’re a leading independent authority on consumer financial health in Canada. We’re passionate about promoting the concept of financial health, and improving the financial health and resilience of all Canadians. We do it by collaborating with financial services organizations to create true innovations in the financial marketplace.

Data and Consumers’ Experience Matter

Impactful strategy begins with solid data and insights. That’s why we’ve launched the 2019, 2018 and 2017 Canadian Financial Health Index studies, the nation’s most comprehensive, independent investigation into consumer financial health. We delved deeply into understanding financial stress and the role financial institutions can play to make things better.

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Customized Solutions

Our financial health, wellness, resilience and FI enablement benchmark  insights are just the beginning. We combine these with our custom modelling, research and financial health strategic consulting for committed financial services innovators, to create win-win benefits for your customers and organization and a differentiated customer experience.

Financial Health Index is a social enterprise venture led by Seymour Consulting.

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White Paper Part 1

Focusing on Financial Wellness:
A Paradigm Shift

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White Paper Part 2

Key Findings from the 2017
Financial Health Index Study

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White Paper Part 3

The Role Financial Institutions can
Play and Business Benefits for Committed Financial Institutions

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