Benefits for different stakeholders 


Financial Institutions and Fintechs:

In today’s disruptive and competitive industry, and with many households facing financial stress and vulnerability, FIs have a key role to play in transforming the way they engage, serve and support customers, so they can help improve their financial resilience and financial wellness while differentiating their brands. Focusing on the financial health and resilience of employees is also a priority. Targeted behavioural finance interventions and targeted financial health innovation can combine with impact strategies and continuous improvement, informed through data-driven decision-making.


Policymakers are committed to building a resilient, equitable and inclusive Canada, and supporting more vulnerable populations. They  have a big stake in helping to support the overall well-being of people, families and communities, and supporting key populations such as women in the economy and/or Indigenous populations. The index and our data analytics provide powerful insights and tracking to support and guide policymakers in their decision-making, allowing for more targeted support and tracking the impact of policy and programs over time.

Social Enterprises:

The Index and complementary  data also shines a light on how credit counselling agencies, financial help organization and other social enterprises can have increased impact with the customer or populations they serve, including underserved and more financially vulnerable populations facing systemic barriers. 


Employers can understand and track the financial resilience and financial wellness of their employees, in order to inform and support employee financial wellness strategies and programs, including to boost productivity and engagement.

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