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Dear Leslie and Elio,

It was great to meet you both at Emerge last week, and to hear about Vancity’s on-going commitment to supporting the financial health, wellness and resilience of your members, employees and the wider community.

It is also great that you are looking at this opportunity from the credit innovation and product perspective, as well as through the lens of Vancity’s member experience and community impact strategies.

As discussed, we’ve been collaborating with CFSI in our work in Canada to help Credit Unions like Vancity measure and improve the financial health and wellness of their members. Here’s a link to for more information on us and our research, financial health index and boutique consulting services. This builds on information already shared with Shirley by email around our financial wellness practice and financial health index: following Andrea’s introduction a few weeks ago.

I’ll follow up with you over the next two weeks to see if you’d like to schedule a meeting to discuss how we may be able to support Vancity going forward.

In the meantime, all the best in transferring your Emerge learnings to the Vancity team, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can support you in any way.



Principal, Seymour Consulting and Co-Founder, Financial Health Index
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Measurement and Enablement

Empower your leaders and employees through meaningful performance measures connected to organizational brand ‘health’ and traditional bottom line metrics.

Value Proposition Development

We help crystallize your organization’s unique and differentiated customer financial health and resilience strategy and Value Proposition.

We’ll help create a new narrative and framework for success.

Customer Experience Strategy

Connecting actionable insights to new avenues for customer experience innovation – through the lens of financial health.

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