Consult with Us to Improve the Financial Resilience, Health, and Well-Being of your Customers and Stakeholders

Come to us for an evaluation on where you are in your financial resilience journey – and learn about strategies and opportunities to move you forward

You Have a Vision for Financial Health. We Help You Realize It.

Co-operators, Vancity, and Conexus Credit Union are just three of the organizations that have trusted us to build a strategy to help them reach their financial health and resilience goals. But we also support the goals of purpose-driven organizations and policymakers. You can read about our work with each of them and other clients – but this conversation is about you.

Perhaps you’re interested in:

  • Leveraging our bespoke data, research, and financial sector knowledge to create a market-leading customer financial resilience strategy and customer experience (CX)
  • Measuring and tracking the financial resilience of your customers and the extent to which you’re supporting them, while levering the Institute’s Financial Resilience Index model and benchmark data
  • Differentiating your brand from the competition through financial health and resilience strategies and innovation, accelerating the ‘S’ of your ESG impact strategies
  • Educating and inspiring top executives and board directors on financial health and resilience innovation
  • Supporting evidence-based policy development and impact measurement at the federal, provincial, or local level levering Financial Resilience Index data and analytics for key populations
  • Measuring, evaluating, and communicating outcomes linked to affordability, health and well-being
  • Learning which of your stakeholders, prospects and Canadians are the most financially vulnerable and in need of the targeted programs you’re trying to deliver

What you can expect

Partnering with us, you get a tailored approach to customizing projects, strategies and offerings. Based upon your business needs, strategic goals, and where you find yourself in in your financial health and resilience journey, you receive real-world, practical solutions to have the impact you seek.

We have proven research, strategy development and innovation methodologies that engage their stakeholders and drive results. It’s all about guiding you along the path of your financial health resilience journey while driving engagement and results.

Using our seven-step process, you can get clear direction at each point along the path. Awaiting you at the end? A strategic plan and set of action plans ready for you to implement, measure, and optimize for the benefit of your stakeholders and organization.

We also provide support for pilots, continuous improvement, and on-going innovation and impact measurement — as well as more targeted support to meet your business needs and goals.

Working with us is good for you – and your stakeholders

Please consider this brief list of sample projects and outcomes as you decide whether Financial Resilience Institute can help you and your organization:

  • Customized enterprise-wide financial resilience impact measurement, analytics, and strategy development aligned with the strategic goals of Vancity and Co-operators
  • Development of enterprise financial wellness strategy and a proprietary Financial Wellness Index based on transactional banking data for Conexus Credit Union
  • Impact measurement, research, and advocacy with FP Canada on how consumers can contribute to their household financial resilience and wellness by working with a financial planner or planning ahead financially
  • Leverage the Index to shine a light on and track the financial vulnerability and challenges of low-income Canadians with the financial empowerment sector and Prosper Canada

Ready to realize your vision? Contact us and tell us how we can help you achieve your goals.