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If Your Strategic Goals Align with Ours – Perhaps We Should Collaborate

Collaboration Projects? Impact Research? Joint Reports? What Do You Want to

We work with a wide range of organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and institutes to create mutual impact and positive change. Partner organizations we collaborate with include Statistics Canada, Haver Analytics, C.D. Howe Institute, Prosper Canada, Metropolis Institute, SETSI and others. You can read more about our work with many of them here.

How do our partners benefit?

  • Advancement of their financial health, resilience, or impact goals
  • Acquiring evidence-based research, impact measurement, and reporting to support their advocacy efforts
  • Gaining customized research and analytics levering the Institute’s Financial Resilience Index model (i.e. on key populations our partners serve, such as new immigrants or people using credit counselling)
  • Creation of bespoke thought leadership reports, presentations and events for multiple stakeholder audiences

Do your goals align with ours? Contact us today to learn how we may be able to partner with you to drive shared benefit and impact around financial resilience.

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